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White Elm Group specializes in a variety of forensic accounting services. We have structured our services to assist clients with in-depth forensic and investigative services in regards to any financial issues they may encounter. We take an active approach to help you in the planning and implementation of opportunities that will decrease the potential for financial liability to your business. In addition, White Elm Group uses extensive accounting and auditing skills to provide you with proper analysis of financial records in combination with dispute resolution as well as fraud and theft investigation.

Our method involves determining the extent of your financial loss and illegal accounting practices. Talk to one of our certified forensic accounting professionals today to address your current financial matters.

Our services include the following:

Forensic Accounting and Investigations

Fraud can present serious risks for both small and large businesses. Our approach involves gathering the facts, analyzing any issues, and documenting evidence. At White Elm Group, we have certified accountants available to assist you with complex accounting issues that arise from situations which occur outside the normal course of business. We can assist you in the areas of occupational fraud, funds tracing, embezzlement, background investigations and many more. Read more


The professionals at White Elm Group, with experience in finance and accounting, can help you determine the current worth of an asset or your company. We incorporate several techniques to determine the value of and asset or company, with some being subjective and others being objective. We can help you with enterprise valuations, tax valuations, goodwill impairment, shareholder disputes, earnout litigation and many more. Read more

Litigation Damages and Insurance

With insurance, several events may cause a party to have an insurance related claim. We can help you calculate the impact of such events. White Elm’s team of certified accountants has experience in analyzing business interruption claims, calculating lost profits related to general liability coverage and civil litigation, and analyzing employee dishonesty insurance claims. Read more

Regulatory and Compliance

White Elm Group’s regulatory and compliance services focus on helping organizations address regulatory requirements that are relevant to business activities and tactical goals in a cost-efficient manner. We can assist you in numerous regulatory and compliance measures, including risk assessments, hotline response, compliance training, anti-fraud, contract and royalty audits and several more. Read more


Early tactical identification and stratigic planninr are critical in forensic cases invloving investigations or electronic discovery.  White Elm can put your matter on the right track from the start with e-discovery planning and scoping, data extraction, analysis, review, culling and reporting. Read more

Matrimonial Forensics

Matrimonial disputes can involve allegations of inaccuracy or non-disclosure when each party is required to disclose his or her assets completely and accurately. Further allegations are often raised when businesses are involved, which creates the need to support or refute any of the raised allegations. White Elm Group can assist you with the following matrimonial or domestic needs: tax consequences of equitable distribution and support, reconstruct income and cash flow, review underlying documents, asset tracing, and much more. Read more

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