Matrimonial Forensics


Divorce and matrimonial disputes can be an emotional matter. While the requirement of each party to completely and accurately disclose his or her assets and earnings is straightforward, often allegations of inaccuracy or non-disclosure are raised. Further allegations are raised if a business is involved, creating the need to support or refute any of the raised allegations.

Our forensic accountants can assist in these matters by providing unbiased objectivity with regard to both party’s financial disclosures. Our goal in these engagements is to ensure as complete and accurate financial disclosures as possible by both persons.

Our experience working with attorneys specializing in family law includes reconstructing bank and investment accounts to identify non-disclosed, diverted or otherwise squandered amounts and balances; reviewing business records for non-business related expenses (personal use of business funds); reviewing financial records to identify non-disclosed sources of income; identifying undisclosed real or personal property; and reviewing filed tax returns.

We can assist in virtually any aspect of your matrimonial or domestic needs:

  • Prepare financial summary of the marital estate
  • Valuation equitable interests or closely held businesses included in the marital estate
  • Identify and quantify the income and cash flow available to pay child and spousal support
  • Conduct client interviews and review underlying documents for the purpose of preparing the net worth statements and financial affidavits in accordance with jurisdictional requirements
  • Prepare case specific document requests in connection with notices for discovery and inspection
  • Assist in the preparation of financial interrogatories for response by the opposing party and assist in the preparation of responses to interrogatories submitted by the opposition
  • Assist in deposition of opposing experts and fact witnesses
  • Review all documents for omissions, inconsistencies and the need for additional document requests
  • Asset tracing
  • Income reconstruction
  • Expert testimony
  • Assist parties and/or counsel in negotiations
  • Evaluate the tax consequences of equitable distribution and support
  • Reconstruct income and cash flow used by the parties to pay for the lifestyle costs

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